De Kwartfinales van de WPT in Brussel zijn bekend!

The Quarterfinals of the WPT in Brussels have been announced!

The Quarterfinals of the WPT in Brussels have been announced!

The round of 16 has been played

On Thursday, April 27, the round of 16 matches were played for both men and women. The winners of these matches have qualified for the quarterfinals that will be played on Friday 28 April.

The results of the round of 16

These are the main results of the big names participating in the WPT in Brussels:

Arturo Coello & Agustín Tapia - Jon Sanz & Javi Garrido (6-3 / 6-3)

Franco Stupaczuk & Martin Di Nenno - Pincho Fernández & Jose G. Diestro (6-1/6-0)

Sanyo Gutiérrez & Jeronimo Gonzalez - Tonet Sans & Teo Zapata (6-1 / 7-6)

Gemma Triay & Alejandra Salazar - Carolina Navarro & Marina Guinart (6-3 & 6-4)

Quarterfinal matches

After the results of the round of 16 are known, the matches of the quarter finals have of course also been announced. Here will be fought for a place in semi-finals, to get one step closer to the final goal. In the photos below you can see the quarterfinals for both the men and the women:

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