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Padel balls

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Best padel balls

Padel balls

Difference between tennis and padel balls

Padel is played with a special padel ball. This ball looks like a tennis ball, but there are certainly differences. Tennis balls are larger and lighter than padel balls. The internal pressure is also much higher at 8 kg than with a padel ball, where the internal pressure is between 4.6 and 5.2 kg. This makes padel balls bounce less explosively. The type of ball used in padel has a lower pressure, resulting in less explosive bounce and less power when hitting. This makes the padel ball less intensive compared to tennis balls, which affects the playing experience.

Different brands of padel balls

We have a diverse range of padel balls from different brands , such as Siux , Tretorn , Adidas and Head padel balls. You can order per can (3 padel balls), per box (24 cans with 3 padel balls) or in loose tins, which offers flexibility in the quantity you need. By choosing from one of these brands, you are assured of the best padel balls . JustPadel is also the ideal place for all your padel equipment. Ordered before 10:00 PM, shipped today! Free shipping in the Netherlands and Belgium for orders over €75.

Maintaining lower pressure in padel balls

A padel ball is slightly smaller than a tennis ball and has a lower pressure . This makes the padel ball slower and the ball bounces less hard than a tennis ball. Padel balls are made of synthetic felt material and are filled with gas for the perfect pressure. The felt layer of padel balls can consist of natural wool or synthetic fibers, which affects the performance and durability of the ball. To optimize the lifespan of your padel balls and ensure that they retain their pressure for a long time, there are some important considerations to take into account:

  • Avoid exposure to cold: Padel balls react negatively to cold, so storing them in a cold car, shed or similar environment is not ideal. It is best to store padel balls at room temperature.

  • Protect against excessive heat: As with cold, padel balls do not do well in high temperatures. Therefore, if you play padel on a warm, sunny day, it is advisable to keep the balls in the shade or in your bag, away from direct sunlight.

  • Store the balls in the tube: It's a good idea to store your balls in the tube they came in, rather than leaving them loose in your bag. This also helps to prevent possible moisture problems, which does not benefit the quality of the padel balls.

As for the durability of the balls, for someone who plays a few times a week, they can typically last 2-4 weeks after the case is opened. However, for advanced players who play more intensively with many smashes and longer duels, durability may decrease as the balls are exposed to more stress.

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