Vacancies and Internships

Internship at JustPadel

Are you looking for a great internship where you can fully express your passion for padel? At JustPadel we offer trainees the opportunity to develop themselves further. Interns are always welcome with us, whether you want to get started with CRO, create social media content or want to go in a completely different direction. Would you like to contribute to our beautiful company? Please contact . And who knows, you can get started in a super enthusiastic environment, where we work every day to meet the needs of padel players as best as possible. This is a very dynamic activity, because the padel market is developing very quickly and more and more people are discovering how much fun padel is.

About Just Padel

Justpadel was born out of love for the sport of padel. Owner Rob Jaspers has been playing padel since 2007 and has had a major influence in the development of this beautiful sport in the Netherlands. From here, JustPadel started offering padel lessons in 2016. The goal of Justpadel is to make padel accessible to everyone. Since 2020 we also do this through our webshop, in which we offer padel items for all types of players of all levels. JustPadel is for everyone who has a warm heart for padel, so we'd love to have you there.