Deze spelers gaan de finale spelen van de WPT in Brussel!

These players will play the final of the WPT in Brussels!

These players will play the final of the WPT in Brussels!

The finalists of the WPT in Brussels have been announced!

On Saturday, April 29, 2023, the semi-finals of the WPT took place in Brussels. The winners of these semi-finals have secured a place in the final. On Sunday, April 30, 2023, these teams will play for the title. These were the results of the semi-finals of the WPT in Brussels:

Men's semi-finals:

Arturo Coello & Agustín Tapia - Federico Chingotto & Francisco Navarro (6-3 / 6-3)

Franco Stupaczuk & Martin Di Nenno - Sanyo Gutiérrez & Jeronimo González (4-6 / 6-0 / 7-6)

Women's Semifinals:

Ariana Sanchez & Paula Josemaría - Marta Ortega & Sofia Araujo (4-6 / 6-1 / 7-6)

Gemma Triay & Alejandra Salazar - Delfina Brea & Beatriz González (6-2 / 7-6)

The big favorites are still in contention for the title!

The big favorites for both the men (Tapia & Coello) and the big favorites for the women (Triay & Salazar) both managed to win the semi-finals, leaving them still in contention for the title of the WPT in Brussels. Both have the opportunity to prove once again that they are unbeatable at the moment and continue the winning streak.

On Sunday, April 30, they have the opportunity to live up to the role of favorite!

These are the finalists!

On Sunday, April 30, the finals will be played for both men and women. You can see who these finalists are in the photo below:

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