Kom Alles Te Weten Over De FIP Padel Toernooien In Nederland

Learn All About The FIP Padel Tournaments In The Netherlands

Learn All About The FIP Padel Tournaments In The Netherlands

What are FIP padel tournaments?

A FIP tournament is organized for padel players who have been playing at a high level for a long time, both nationally and internationally and who want more challenge. In this way, the players can participate in high-level international tournaments. These FIP tournaments are the responsibility of the International Padel Federation (FIP) or the World Padel Tour.

The different FIP ​​tournaments

There are different FIP ​​tournaments for different padel players. These tournaments can function as a trajectory to eventually reach the absolute world top (World Padel Tour). These are the different FIP ​​tournaments:

FIP Promises (Under 14, Under 16 and Under 18 Age Range)

FIP Promotion (prize money: €2,500, winner 10 points world ranking)

FIP Rise (prize money: €6,250, winner 25 points world ranking)

FIP Star (prize money: €12,500, winner 50 points world ranking)

FIP Gold (prize money: €25,000, winner 100 points world ranking)

FIP Platinum (prize money: €60,000, winner 200 points world ranking)

FIP Finals (prize money: €30,000, winner 150 points world ranking)

This is followed by the step to the Premier Padel Tournaments and to the World Padel Tour, which is the highest level of padel at the international level. Here too, many points can be earned with good performance.

FIP tournaments in the Netherlands

These FIP tournaments also take place in the Netherlands, so as a fan you can see the upcoming top padel players up close. This is the 2023 calendar of the FIP tournaments in the Netherlands:

FIP Promises Zeist (27-05-2023 to 28-05-2023) already attended

FIP Rise Hoorn (03-07-2023 to 09-07-2023)

FIP Rise Rotterdam (11-09-2023 to 17-09-2023)

FIP Rise Eindhoven (09-10-2023 to 15-10-2023)

FIP Star Alkmaar (23-10-2023 to 29-10-2023)

FIP Star Tilburg (20-11-2023 to 26-11-2023)

FIP Promises Tilburg (20-11-2023 to 26-11-2023)

FIP Finals 2023 (11-12-2023 to 17-12-2023)

JustPadel wishes the participants good luck!

We would like to wish all participants of these FIP tournaments the best of luck, especially the players who have a relationship with JustPadel.