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ShockOut Dampers

ShockOut Dampers

What is a ShockOut Damper

These dampers are designed to absorb the shocks and vibrations caused by hitting the ball. Their presence in the racket reduces the transfer of impact to your hand and arm, resulting in a significantly reduced risk of injury.

The ShockOut Damper also offers the possibility to adjust your power and control ratio. By placing the dampeners in specific locations, such as the middle (sweet spot), the top, or the bottom of the racket, you can adjust the balance of your racket. This allows you to have more power or control.

Where do you place your damper?

When adjusting the dampeners on your padel racket, correct placement is crucial to achieve the balance between power and control. With ShockOut Dampers you can influence this balance in a smart way by strategically positioning the dampers.

Place your damper at the top of the racket if you want to experience more power in your shots. Placing the dampeners on the top gives you the ability to produce powerful smashes and aggressive blows, enhancing your offensive game.

For those who prefer more control over their shots, the bottom of the racket is the ideal place for the dampener. By placing the dampers lower, you minimize vibrations and maintain an accurate feel for the ball. This results in more control over the direction and speed of your shots, adding precision and control to your game.

How do you place the damper?

Carefully choose the locations where the dampers should be placed. Start by inserting the narrowest part into the selected holes. Push the damper inward until the widest part clicks firmly under the surface, locking the damper securely. Repeat this action on the opposite side of the racket. Remember that each damper must be placed on both sides of the same hole; one hole corresponds to two dampers.

Enjoy the ShockOut Damper

You are done! Now go outside and experience all the benefits of ShockOut Padel. Spread the dampeners over the entire surface of the racket. Choose to place them in the middle, the so-called 'sweet spot', or move them to the top or bottom of the racket, depending on your preference for more power or control.

Experiment with the damper placement in your racket and you will immediately notice the difference. Adjust the position according to your playing style. You will notice that the game becomes more comfortable, the racket feels more solid and stable, and all this without any disturbing vibrations. Using ShockOut Padel makes your padel experience considerably more enjoyable.