Waarom een overgrip op je padelracket aanbrengen?

Why apply an overgrip to your padel racket?

Why apply an overgrip to your padel racket?

What is an overgrip?

An indispensable tool for padel players is the overgrip, but it is crucial to realize that it never stands alone; it is always used in combination with the basic grip of a padel racket.

The basic grip is the essential handle that is inextricably linked to a padel racket. The overgrip is applied over this basic grip and adds extra grip, with a thicker size on the handle. This is especially useful when you want to quickly change grips or if you notice that you are squeezing too forcefully. The advantage of the overgrip is that you can effortlessly remove it from the racket, allowing you to change grip quickly and without hassle. Essentially, the overgrip complements the basic grip and allows players to experience more flexibility and control over their padel racket.

Why apply an overgrip over your basic grip?

Grip size

Fortunately, it is quite easy to increase the grip size of your padel racket with the help of an overgrip. Every padel racket comes standard with a basic grip, also known as the lower grip. It is recommended to maintain this basic grip, especially with a new padel racket. The overgrip is then applied on top of the base grip, increasing the circumference of the grip and adding extra cushioning to the handle.

Sweaty hands

An overgrip not only benefits the grip of your padel racket, but also plays an important role in absorbing sweat. Due to the specific properties of an overgrip, sweat is absorbed more effectively, keeping your hands dry during intensive playing sessions. With an overgrip you not only experience an improved grip, but you also reduce the risk of hands sliding on the handle. This contributes to a more stable and reliable position of the racket, giving you more control over your shots and movements on the court.


Using an overgrip on your padel racket not only offers a better grip, but also has the advantage of reducing vibrations during the game. The dampening properties of the overgrip absorb vibrations caused by hitting the ball, reducing the impact on your hands and arm. This reduction in vibration contributes to a more comfortable playing experience and can reduce the risk of injuries. Excessive vibrations transmitted by the racket to the hands and arm can lead to discomfort and even injury during prolonged play. With an overgrip you are better protected against this impact, so you can play with more confidence and less chance of injuries.


A padel overgrip is an essential accessory that should not be missing in the equipment of every padel player. This overgrip not only provides extra grip, but also comfort and cushioning, giving players the opportunity to improve their performance while preventing injuries. By carefully choosing the right overgrip for padel and replacing it regularly, players can fully enjoy their padel experience. Therefore, invest in a high-quality overgrip for padel and discover the noticeable difference on the padel court for yourself!