Padel training Turnhout

The youth lessons at Turnhout are for children from 10 years and older . In addition, it is mandatory for children to be a member of the padel club in Turnhout before they can take lessons. Of course you can always try once. In Turnhout, the children can follow three types of training: competition training, recreational training and individual group lessons.



Competition training

In this training variant you will receive intensive lessons for 3 hours a week. This is divided into two training moments of 1.5 hours. You train once in a group of 3-4 people with a qualified trainer. This training focuses on improving technique and also part tactics. The coach has enough time here for the players to improve them all. The other training moment is a group training in which the learned techniques and tactics are applied in competition training. This will be on 2/3 lanes, depending on the number of registrations. In this training, the trainer helps you make the right decisions and improve the game situations.

Recreational training

In this training variant you train 1 x one hour a week. This is training in a group of 3-4 people where you also train on technique and tactics. This training variant focuses on fun and development at the same time. This is how the children learn to play padel.

Loose group training

In addition to the specified training sessions, the children can also register for a separate group training. This is a group training focused on match situations and tactics. This training lasts 1.5 hours and will be given on 2/3 lanes.


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