The least chance of a padel arm

The least chance of a padel arm

The tennis arm, or in this case the padel arm, is a well-known phenomenon. Many people experience discomfort in their arm and/or elbow as a result of padel. How does this arise? In general, there are three factors that can cause this injury, namely:

  1. Technology
  2. Material
  3. Peace

About tech

It is extremely important that you maintain the correct technique during the game. You do this to put as little strain on your muscles and joints as possible. We at Just Padel have done research to find out what are the causes in the technique that can cause a padel arm.

Hit point

Point of contact means the moment the ball is hit. What we often see is creating a wrong hit point when the padel ball bounces against the back wall. If players then want to hit the ball back, the point of contact is no longer exactly for the player. If the point of impact is next to or behind you, this puts extra strain on your arm. Our trainers therefore recommend extra strict attention to always ensure that the touch point is for you. You can do this by moving an extra step backwards or possibly grab the ball a little later (due to the distance the ball travels after the wall, it comes out further in front of you).


With padel technique, it is not the intention that your wrist makes all kinds of crazy movements. Since the technique is compact, it has few variables (things that can always be slightly different with a shot). Think of a backhand from behind, if someone does not turn in (read: racket prepared to the back). This often results in a short stroke movement in which the wrist is flipped over the ball. These types of strokes put a lot of strain on the muscles and/or joints in the arm.


If you have been suffering from your arm for a while, it could be that the type of padel racket has an influence on this. For example, not enough cushioning can be a reason for getting a padel arm. For people who suffer from a padel arm, we at Just Padel recommend using a padel racket with a round shape. A light racket with enough cushioning can also prevent a padel arm. If you are looking for good material, we recommend the Siux Raven . This one has several variants. Our own findings have shown that these variants are good for players who suffer from a padel arm.


Perhaps the most obvious reason, enough rest. We are talking here about an injury caused by overload. It is very important that you give your body enough rest and do not overload yourself at once. Do you want to go padel fanatically? Train enough! Build this up slowly and make sure you train well. If the pain still persists, you can have a trainer look at your technique and equipment.

If you take these three components into account, the chance of injury to the padel arm is much smaller.