Different kind of padel balls

Different kind of padel balls

The sport cannot be practiced without padel balls. It is an essential part and they can have a huge influence on the game of padel. In appearance and construction, a padel ball resembles a tennis ball. An important difference, however, is that the felt of a padel ball is longer than that of a tennis ball. This is done to reduce speed.

In addition, a padel ball has a lower pressure so that it bounces less. The reason for this is the size of the padel court. A padel court is a lot smaller than a tennis court. The padel ball must therefore go slower.

There are different types of padel balls. These differences can be divided into three categories. We will explain these below.

Indoor padel balls

When you play indoor padel, you are not bothered by external influences. In principle, the game is always equal and under the same conditions. Indoor padel balls often have a lot of feeling because of the 3 layers that make up the ball. This also provides extra durability. In addition, the ball is filled with gas, which ensures that the bounce is always constant. A good example of an inner ball is the tretorn series + ball.

Outdoor padel balls

When you play padel outside, the conditions can be quite variable. Sometimes you play with warm weather and sun and sometimes in the winter in the cold. Outside padel balls are therefore often a bit harder and have more pressure and less hair. As a result, the balls last longer and are suitable for different types of conditions. A good example of an outdoor ball is the Siux Match Pro ball.

Padel balls for rain

Rain padel balls are specially made for rainy and/or cold weather. Because the hairs are extra short, the ball absorbs less moisture and the ball stays good longer in wet weather. They are designed with a strong core of high-quality rubber and a mixture of felt materials. The balls are characterized by their very good resistance to wear. A good example of a rain ball is the Siux Match ball. 

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