Premier Padel Brussel P2 - Blijf op de hoogte!

Premier Padel Brussels P2 starts today!

Premier Padel Brussels P2 starts today!

First Edition of Premier Padel P2 in Brussels

Since 2022, the Gare Maritime has been the stage for the highest level of padel sport worldwide once a year. For the past two years, this event has been represented by the World Padel Tour. But from 2024 there is an exciting new collaboration: Premier Padel . This means that the absolute top of padel sport will gather again this year. The qualifications took place on April 22, and the main tournament starts on April 23, in which all the top favorites will participate again.

Let's take a look back at last year's winners:

Among the men, Agustín Tapia & Arturo Coello were the strongest. Among the women, Ariana Sanchez & Paula Josemaria were at the top. The big question now is whether they will triumph again this year, or whether perhaps Juan Lebron and Paquito Navarro , who were previously joint number 1 in the world, will achieve their first tournament victory. Or maybe Martin Di Nenno and Franko Stupaczuk will be the best men this year. The competition is also strong among the women, so it remains to be seen whether Ariana Sanchez & Paula Josemaria will take home the title again this year.

Daily updates

Every day an overview of the Premier Padel P2 results will be available on the website in our blogs and in our socials, so keep an eye on them for all updates.

We look forward to an exciting match and a great tournament full of action and highlights. Don't miss a moment of Premier Padel P2 and stay informed of all exciting developments!