Waarom een overgrip onmisbaar is voor je padelracket!

Why an overgrip is indispensable for your padel racket!

Why an overgrip is indispensable for your padel racket!

What is a padel cast?

A padel overgrip is an essential accessory for padellers, specially designed to improve the comfort and performance of your racket. It serves several purposes, including reducing sweating during intense rallies and providing extra grip. By applying a thin layer over your basic grip, such as the standard grip,hesacore or shock out grip, it improves the control and feel of the racket in your hand. It's a small but significant adjustment that can make all the difference during a match or long playing session, allowing players to focus more on their game without having to worry about the comfort of their grip.

Why an overgrip?

It is wise to use at least one overgrip , depending on the size of your hand. If you quickly suffer from sweaty hands, only playing with a basic grip such as the shock out grip can result in a slippery racket and loss of control. This can lead to unintentional gripping of the racket too tightly, which can negatively affect your game.

With an overgrip, the racket sticks better to your hand, allowing you to hold it relaxed. Although the shock out grip is designed to absorb shock, adding an overgrip serves the same function and also improves grip and comfort while playing.

Watch our expert's video!

We are often asked whether an overgrip really offers added value and is necessary. To answer this question, our padel expert Sven Boele put it to the test.

Which overgrips do we recommend?

There are many overgrips on the market, and it is important to pay attention to their durability and comfort. Many players prefer a grip that is a bit sticky. Below we have described the two best grips for you.

Wilson Pro Padel Plaster

The Wilson Pro Padel Overgrip is known for its durability and comfort. With a sticky texture, this grip provides excellent control, even during intense rallies. It provides a firm grip and helps players to hold the racket in a relaxed manner, resulting in an improved playing experience on the padel court. Now for sale in a nice value pack.

Siux Overgrips Pro Perforated

The Siux Overgrips Pro Perforated are designed for maximum grip and ventilation during padel play. The perforations in the grip provide excellent airflow, reducing sweaty hands and allowing players to maintain a drier and more comfortable grip. This grip also provides a sticky surface for improved control and precision with every shot. Now for sale in a nice value pack.