Racket Test Day Padelclub Alphen

Racket Test Day Padelclub Alphen

JustPadel Racket Test Day Padel Club Alphen

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Are you looking for a new padel racket, but you don't know which one to choose? Then the racket test day at Padelclub Alphen is something for you! A racket that suits your playing style and strength is of enormous importance and can not only benefit your game, but also help prevent annoying injuries. During the racket test day you will receive an explanation about the various types of padel rackets and you can test rackets of your choice on the padel courts of Padelclub Alphen. Our padel specialists can then provide you with personal advice. After the JustPadel racket test day, you know exactly which padel racket best suits your needs!

Where and when?

The test day will take place at Padelclub Alphen. The first edition will take place on Wednesday 29 December.

The test day includes a contribution of 10 euros for testing the rackets and court rental. If you decide to purchase a racket at the end of the day, you will receive this 10 euros back as a discount!

Everyone can participate!

Program test day

The program starts at 12.00 and will last until approximately 15.00. Fifteen minutes before the start you are already welcome for a nice drink. Our padel specialist will start with a brief explanation of the different types of rackets available. You can ask questions and determine which rackets you would like to test. You can then go on the court and test whether the chosen rackets suit your playing style and wishes. Do you already have certain rackets in mind? Let us know in advance, and we will ensure that they are present.

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Padel will of course be played during the test day and we will try to do this at the level of the “racquet tester”. That is why we would like to receive all registrations before December 27th.

Why a racket test day?

  • Explanation about the different types of padel rackets
  • Ability to test multiple rackets
  • Experience for yourself which racket best suits your playing style and wishes
  • Personal advice from our padel specialists


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