Get better at Padel - Positions

Get better at Padel - Positions

Blog #1 Positioning in Padel.

In this blog we give you a number of basic rules and tips that will help you during a game of padel. The positional game is an extremely important aspect in the sport of padel. If you play from the right position you have to walk less and you have more time to hit the balls well.

The positions in padel

  1. Defensive position
  2. Attacking position

    Positions on the padel court

Defensive position

The defensive position is located at the intersection of the red lines in the image above. On every padel court there is a seam between the first and second glass wall just behind the service line on the side. Then there is also a seam between the first and second glass wall at the back. If you draw a line from these two seams (see red line in the photo) you have your starting position from the defense. The best strategy for the novice and advanced player is to move together on the same line.

Attacking position

The offensive position is in front of the net between the green lines of the image. This is about 1.5 - 3 meters away from it. We call everything in front of and behind the green lines "no man's land". If you're standing here without a good reason, you're lined up wrong. In theory, you want to hit all the volleys while in this attacking position. From this position you have the optimal field coverage and you are able to create the most opportunities to score points.

Improve positional play?

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